LA CHAMBRE DES JEUX SONORES is a solo program for electric guitar

with all graphic scores composed for AN.


It has becomed a CD (by Setola di Maiale) with pieces by Paula Matthusen, Sandro Mussida, Vittorio Zago, Travis Just and Francesco Gagliardi.


"...I had the opportunity to see & hear Ms. Novaga play this music last night (8/26/14) at Spectrum and was impressed by her unique approach. Generally graphic scores leave room for varied interpretations so each piece provided a different (visual & audio) approach to playing...


...Each piece had a different effect over the way we perceived what was going on so it was effective on several levels at once. Just listening to this disc is an equally captivating affair. Don't dive in too quickly, though. - (Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG)