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Sinopia,  Limited edition of 300 LP, with the amazing drummer Kid Millions (John Colpitts) IS OUT!

LP are available on SOUNDOHM

Digital version is available on LONG SONG Bandcamp



So glad to have performed with Loren Connors one of the musicians who have inspired me a lot in recent years.

And this happened in New York foISSUE Project Room. Video

by Ellen Qbertplaya
by Ellen Qbertplaya

 Photo by Ellen Qbertplaya

Honored that my interview with Alan Licht  has been included in his book Common Tones (Blank Forms) along with those of some of the artists, directors and musicians I love the most.


June 2021

Alessandra Novaga is thrilled to present Glimpses of a Day, the new project with the guitarist Stefano Pilia. It will be released for Coherent States in a limited edition of 70 cassettes and in a special edition of 30 copies in a box set containing the cassette, a vinyl 7inch with two other tracks, and a precious booklet!


July 2020, New recording:

I Should Have Been a Gardener (Die Schachtel), is a new recording by Alessandra Novaga, totally inspired by Derek Jarman, his journal Modern Nature, and his garden in Dungenees.

DieSchachtel_Novaga__Cover - online.jpg

July 2020, new videos.

These are two videos produced for the album I Should Have Been a Gardener.

The first one was created by the artist Elena Russo Arman on the piece Poppies in the Morning.










The second one is by the video artist Lorenzo Lupano on the piece I Should Have Been a Gardener.


December 2020.

Alessandra Novaga was invited to partecipate in Object Collection's  new piece, Look Out Shitehead, streamed for the Exponential Festival. 

See it _


Alan Licht interviewed Alessandra Novaga for BOMB Magazine.

Read _

IMG_4427 (1).jpg

July, 2020

Alessandra Novaga was interviewed by Enrico Bettinello on Il Giornale della Musica.

Read _


Mike Watt interviewed Alessandra Novaga in his radio show The Watt from Pedro Show.


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