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V/A - Clean Feed _ CD


alessandra novaga, elliott sharp

Elliott Sharp invited Alessandra Novaga to record one her pieces for this cd with other 17 guitarists.


Alessandra Novaga: Untitled for e-guitar, tape recorder and objects



Adam Brisbin (g), Alessandra Novaga (g), Anders Hilsson (g), Angela Babin (g),Brandon Seabrook (g), Bruce Eisenbeil (g), Cristian Amigo (g), David Fulton (g), Ed Ricart (g), Indigo Street (g), Jim McCauley (g), Joel Peterson (g), John King (g),Kirsten Carey (g), Lily Maase (g), Peter Maunu (g), Sandy Ewen (g), Simone Massaron (g)\


"... alcune cose sono molto interessanti. Non dispiace, con un pizzico di campanilismo, che tra queste ci siano anche i pezzi di due chitarristi italiani, Simone Massaron e Alessandra Novaga" (Enrico Bettinello, Blow Up)


"...Other highlights include nascent guitarist Brandon Seabrook's ridiculously fast and disciplined chord structures during "Fingertupper," and Alessandra Novaga's multilayered utilization of objects and a tape recorder on Untitled."

(Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz)

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